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Exterior House Painting: Signs It’s Time to Repaint Your Home

Many homeowners only think to repaint their home’s exterior when they are ready for an aesthetic change. However, your home’s paint is its first line of defense against the elements and it helps to protect your home’s siding from water and sun damage. This makes it important that you have your home’s exterior periodically repainted. Yet, how will you know when your home needs painting? Here are a few of the signs you can look out for indicating that your home’s exterior is in need of repainting.

Exterior House Painting: Signs It's Time to Repaint Your Home

Fading Color

Over time, the sun’s UV rays can cause your home’s paint to fade. This is not only an aesthetic problem, but it also is likely an indicator that your home’s paint is deteriorating and is no longer protecting your home from the elements as well as it used to. Once your home’s exterior painting begins to look faded and washed out, you should consider being proactive and having your house repainted.

Cracking or Peeling Paint

A clear sign that your home is in dire need of being painted is if there are sections of your home’s exterior where the paint is chipping, peeling, or cracking. This is most likely to occur in areas of your house that are exposed to the most moisture such as window sills. Once your home’s paint has begun to crack and peel, it can no longer protect the wood underneath it from rotting, and your home will need repainting immediately.

It Has Been a While Since Your Home Was Painted

Generally, a good exterior paint job will last 10-15 years. If it has been this long since your home was last painted, or you cannot remember when your home’s last paint job was, then you should consider repainting your home.

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